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Vinay Pathak Talks About His Latest Movie 420 IPC

Vinay Pathak talked about why he agreed to do 420 IPC in an exclusive interview. He said that there was no particular moment when he felt the film was right for him. It was the whole script that appealed to him. When Manish Gupta approached him with the narration of the plot, Pathak asked for the script instead. He assured the director that if he had any questions or doubts, he himself will contact Manish Gupta.

After Vinay Pathak read the script, he realized it was a “well researched, well-versed, well-scripted tight script”. Blown away by it, he was ready to take on the role of Bansi Keswani. In fact, when asked to cite three reasons why the audience should tune in to ZEE5 and watch 420 IPC, he said the engrossing script was a good enough reason.

The Bheja Fry actor feels like the acting prowess of Gul Panag as Pooja Keswani and her arresting presence on the screen should also appeal to the audience. The 53-year-old actor also said that he, along with his co-actors Rohan Mehra and Ranvir Shorey worked with dedication and sincerity. They had a lot of fun even though they had to work hard. Following all Covid protocols while shooting made it harder to shoot but the experience was a novelty as well.

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When the actor was asked whether Vnay Pathak has ever been proud of his own acting, he blew the question away jokingly. He makes fun of his own acting and says that every time he is praised for that, he keeps wondering why he is being applauded for such performance. Vinay Pathak does not forget to add how grateful he is to all those who recognize his talent.

Talking about his role Bansi Keswani, Pathak describes him as a simple man with simple ambitions and dreams. He may consider wealth to be a mother but at his core he is simple. Pathak confesses that he may not have the same feeling towards money and wealth as his character, but Bansi’s simplicity resonates with him. He jokingly comments that another similarity they have is that they are both quiet.

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In 420 IPC, Bansi Keswani is the kind of character who will go to any lengths for the sake of his family. When asked whether Vinay Pathak has ever done anything for the sake of relevance in the industry, he light-heartedly says that everything he does is for the sake of relevance in the industry. He acts in films so that he is remembered.

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