Rajkummar Rao Reveals He Got Beaten Up by Boys

Rajkummar Rao, this name is without a doubt enlisted in the top actors of Bollywood today. The actor is an outsider and with his unignorable talent and determination to do justice to each and every role he plays is what has made him reach where he is today. Today, 31st August is his 37th birthday and so we decided to bring you a story from his childhood which he himself revealed in a show called ‘EIC vs Bollywood’.

On the show when asked about where Rajkummar belongs from, he said that he is a Gurgaon boy. The show’s host then said that he doesn’t really sound like a Gurgaon boy, the actor quickly sat and spoke in his Gurgaon style which made all laugh. Then the host asked him what he was like growing up? The actor then said that he was ‘rowdy’ and was just like any other Gurgaon kid. Further he said that he was an outdoor kid and was always out with his friends exploring Delhi- Gurgaon streets.

Rajkummar Rao said that just like any teenager, he also had a crush on girl whom he never talked or proposed to but his friends teased him by calling her ‘bhabhi’. The actor also kept throwing in a dialogue or two in his Gurgaon accent entertaining all. Then he went on to tell that he used to be a goon in school and used to get involved in a lot of fights and beat up people and it was quite bizarre and adventurous for him. Then he told the hosts of the show that some universal thing happened to him in eleventh standard and he decided not to be a goon anymore and take care of himself as he aspired to be an actor. Then he said that after that epiphany he moved to a modern, fancy school in Gurgaon named Blue Bells School.

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Then Rajkummar Rao said that he was and is a big Shah Rukh Khan fan and at that time he really loved ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. So, in his new school when he saw a girl with short hair playing basketball, he thought she was his ‘Anjali’. He then said that somehow, they started dating but then he got to know that she already had a boyfriend and her boyfriend and his 25 other college guys came to beat up Rajkummar. Further explaining the incident, he said that he was really scared when they started yelling at him and so he covered his face said “mere muh pr mat maarna, actor banna hai! (Don’t hit me on my face, I want to become an actor). This whole story was really enjoyed by the show’s hosts and audience and all of them had a good laugh.

Here’s the clip where you can watch him telling this story. Check it out here.

Rajkummar Rao, the national award-winning actor sure knows how to win hearts with his stellar performances in films and with his charming persona. We wish him a very happy birthday and hope that he keeps giving us more of his stunning performances to enjoy.
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