Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas set Sunday ‘snack’ goals

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas leave no moment to show their love for each other and gramming it is one of their favourite things to do. Just the day after when Priyanka shared images of her real and fake injuries on her face which she got during the shooting of her upcoming American TV show Citadel, she shared a picture of her and hubby Nick Jonas enjoying a beach day. In the picture PCJ is lying on her stomach wearing a bikini and Nick is sitting with a spoon and fork pointed at her ass to which Priyanka captioned ‘Snack’. Now that’s a naughty caption Priyanka.

The picture has already garnered 1.3m likes in less than 2 hours. Comments under picture prove that the global star’s friends and fans are loving it and find the post hilarious. One noticeable comment under the picture was of Priyanka Chopra’s sister Parineeti Chopra who commented “Jeej! Mimi didi! What is going on here the family is on instagram 😱 ***Tries to hit like button with eyes closed”. Parineeti sure knows how to take funny jabs at her sister. Hubby Nick Jonas also shared Priyanka’s post on his Instagram story tagging wife Priyanka and stating it as a ‘Perfect Sunday’. The couple doesn’t let anyone tell them otherwise and keep giving their fans mushy posts to let them gush over.

Here’s the link to PCJ’s Instagram post. Check it out here.

Just after setting the internet on fire with her ‘Snack’ picture, Priyanka shared another sizzling selfie showing off her amazing body in a red and black bikini. The picture shows how Priyanka Chopra has maintained herself and is no less than any other newbie model or actress. Hubby Nick Jonas is also leaving no stone unturned to show love for his lady. He left a hot comment on PCJ’s pic saying ‘YUMMY’. Nick is clearly stating his intentions and letting all know just how much they adore each other.

Here’s the link to PCJ’s Instagram post. Check it out here.

Well, we hope their love only grows with time and they have a long happy life with each other. Stay tuned for further updates on Nick and Priyanka’s declarations of love for each other.

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