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Crushed : Reasons to Watch New Coming-Of-Age High School Romance on Amazon miniTV

Crushed is a 6-episode web series that premiered on Amazon miniTV on the Amazon shopping app on 12th January. It is created by Dice Media under the flagship of Pocket Aces. This coming-of-age drama is a sweet romance that will make the audience go back to their school days. They will reminisce about the best time of their lives. There are a number of reasons why this heart-warming romance is a must-watch for all.

Romance with a Twist

Crushed is different from other high school romances as it focuses on the story of two sidekicks rather than the popular pair. Samvidhan Sharma a.k.a Sam and Aadhya Mathur are both students of Lucknow central Convent school. Both their best friends are popular and they seem content to just remain in their shadows, until they aren’t!
A chance encounter makes them come into each other’s orbit and they start falling for one another. Their relation starts off with easy camaraderie which gradually blossoms into something more. Having spent their life in the shadows, Sam and Aadhya find a place of belonging with one another. But like all romance and high school dramas, they also must undergo their own shares of pains and hardships. The two of them need to overcome insecurities, academic struggles, difficulties with authority and the changes that come with growing up.

Relatable for all Ages

The series is a coming-of-age comedy-drama that is extremely relatable for people of all ages. No matter how old we are, all of us have passed through the stage of first love. The audience will get a chance to remember their teen days when they first felt the heart fluttering feelings of crushing on someone.

Perfect Casting

The series includes great performances by Aadhya Anand, Rudraksh Jaiswal, Urvi Singh, Anupriya Caroli, Naman Jain and Arjun Deswal. Rudraksh Jaiswal and Aadhya Anand did justice to their roles. In an interview, they shared that they never had a crush on anyone in their high school. So, for them, it was a chance to do something new. They had to work without a reference point of any sort.

Great Direction and Writing

Heena Dsouza and Mandar Kurundkar directed the series. Avinash Singh, Vijay N Verma, Nishaad Javeri and Aayush Gaur penned the script. They did a great job of capturing the initial stage of romance when one is just crushing intensely. The emotions are palpable in the characters.

Three of the six episodes of Crushed are already out and the remaining will release on Amazon miniTV on a weekly basis.

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